Coming Soon!: Issue 2 debut August 17, 2013

The long awaited second issue of Zotz: Serpent and Shield will debut on August 17, 2013 @ The Latino Comics Expo Los Angeles held at the Museum of Latin,American Art (MOLAA)!

More details and a sneak preview soon!

This weekend we’ll be at the Latino Comics Expo San Francisco at the Cartoon Art Museum. Sat. & Sun. from 11AM-5PM.

On Sunday, June 2 I will be a part of the following panel:

12:00 PM: “The DIY Comics Roundtable”. Latino Comics Expo co-founder & cartoonist Javier Hernandez presents a discussion on the ins and outs of self-publishing comics. Featuring Michael Aushenker, Jaime Crespo, Liz Mayorga, Rafael Navarro and Daniel Parada.


Pulque goddess (Mixtec) on stainless steel flask.


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